Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Working Wednesday...

I have been up to my ears in canning supplies this last couple weeks. 

We got some free transparent apples for apple butter and sauce, some free miniature plums for spicy plum sauce, plum jelly, and whole plums; the green beans are growing like crazy and we have already put back 20 quarts of them in 2 pickings; cucumbers are being turned into sweet/ sweet and spicy relish as well as pickles; squash is getting chopped and shredded and frozen; jams are being made... and we are no where near close to finishing! 

I read a blog yesterday, Northwest Edible Life, where she does most of her canning in a weekend.  Oh what a wonderful weekend that would be.  As my husband called last night on his way home, he asked what I was doing... and for the first time in 2 weeks I WAS NOT CANNING!!!  Not that I shouldn't be, but I just needed a break!  So I hit it again this morning.  More free plums, some hamburger pickles and get ready for more applesauce and plums and of course all the stuff from the garden that will be collected tonight.

Don't get me wrong.  I love to can! I love seeing the shelves fill up with food that we have grown, food that will fill our family's tummies this winter, food that I know where it came from.  But being about 8 months pregnant (or so... still in ? about the due date) it is hard work!  This big belly is getting in the way with everything! 

Our house has taken a huge hit.  Probably the biggest ever!  There is laundry in baskets needing to be put away, laundry needing to be done... floors needing to be swept and please if you do come over, don't look a the kitchen, especially the stove!  But through it all, every once in a while we get to do some deep cleaning/preparation for the baby.  2 out of the numerous windows in the house have been taken apart and completely cleaned!  Only to have the babies touch them this morning and get handprints on them again.  But hey they are so much cleaner! 

So today... we get back to the grind of canning, and cleaning. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Morning Monday!

Mondays are tough...  then when you get up at 5:15 on Monday morning it is even tougher...  UGH!

Oh well...  I needed to get up because the 2 little girls I watch most days of the week were going to be here early.   So I got up, got the quiche in the oven (it was premade, just needed to cook), only spilt a little and smoked up the house all before 5:30. 

This weekend we had finally got caught up in the garden where we could work on something else!  I suggested we work on Greg's barn and get his workshop up and running, but to my surprise he wanted to deep clean the house. 

So Saturday am, we woke up and started on the porch and mud/laundry room...  And Sunday morning we finally moved on to the kitchen!  YIKES!  I am not a deep cleaner I guess... The ceiling needed cleaned, the walls, EVERYTHING!  We got the pantry moved so I can finally get into it (just turned it 45 degrees oh what a difference!)

So this week and next we are hoping to get through the entire house.  Jacob needs to move to his new room and everyone needs to switch beds, all before school starts (about a month way!) and the new baby comes.

As for life on the farm...  Our 2 chicks that the Muscovy mama hatched are doing well in the brooder box and our mama from earlier this year is sitting on 9 more eggs!  She is doing so much better than the first round, no broken eggs so far and all seem to be doing well.  It is amazing how they develop into better mamas.

The piggies got a new pasture, although they are having a hard time crossing the old fence line.  But enjoy the bigger room and less thistles.  They are loving the windfall apples we picked up last week, as are the cows.

I have discovered trading/bartering!  AND LOVE IT!  Last week we got some apples for some produce, eggs and pickled beets!  We picked for a neighbor who donated sausage in the mix, and we all came home with a bunch of transparent apples which will be canned up into apple butter and applesauce today!
We have traded our cherries for raw Jersey milk, and look forward to trading much more in the future!  It is such a great way to work with our fellow farmers and exchange goodies without exchanging $, which has to go to other places most the time...
I wonder if the mortgage company will take farm fresh eggs for payment? 
Then there is this whole test tube meat?  WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?  How can this be better than home grown beef?  "Frankenburger"  Come on!  We aren't huge in the following of GMO/Organic/ processed food, but have become more aware of it all since we started growing and raising our own food.  This just seems wrong on all levels. 
Oh what to do... I guess we just keep on raising and growing our food and learning more about all the different things out there.